Technical data on vehicle:
Year 2012
Color Biela
Engine Type 2198 cm³
Engine Power 74kW
Average Fuel Consumption (urban) 9.8l
Average Fuel Consumption (extra-urban) 7.2l
Average Fuel Consumption (combined) 8.5l
Door Count 4
Additional information about the vehicle:

Rádio, Servo, Airbagy, ABS, Elektrické ovládanie okien, Posilňovač riadenia, ASR, ESP, Centrál, Ťažné zariadenie


Celkové rozmery: d 4965mm š 1974mm v 1997mm
Prevádzková hmotnosť: 1801kg
Najväčšia technicky prípustná hmotnosť: 2625kg
Najväčšia technicky prípustná hmotnosť jazdnej súpravy: 4625kg

Počet miest na sedenie: 3

The price includes:
  • 1-year vignette, winter tyres, summer tyres, accident insurance and civil liability
  • (optional:) car with a towing device (VW Caravelle, Ford Mondeo)
  • driving a car to you – 0,42 € incl. VAT / 1 km/li>
  • returning of a car off the opening hours - 10 €
  • returning of a car during Slovak public holiday, Saturday, Sunday - 20
  • daily limit - 200 km (above the limit - passenger car 0,07€/1km, van - 0,12€/1km)

Rental price list
1-3 days 4-7 days 8-14 days 15-29 days month+ year+
69€/day 50€/day 45€/day 35€/day 900€ + 30€ every day 700€ + 0€ every day
Deposit 500€ 600€ 800€ 1300€ 1500€ dohoda
Rental Terms and Conditions:
  • valid ID card and driving licence
  • when returning the vehicle, the lessee is obliged to present an evidence of refueling with the current date and time
  • the vehicle returned must have a full fuel tank and it must be clean from inside and outside
  • if the vehicle is not cleaned properly, the lessee will be charged according to the degree of fouling
  • the lessee is obliged to use the rental vehicle according to its nature and destination
  • it is strictly prohibited to smoke in the vehicles
  • the lessee is aware of the fact that he/she is not entitled to rent the vehicle to another person
  • participation in an insured event is 200€